9 Favourite Reptiles That Are Nice For First-Time Pets

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First-time reptile keepers are sometimes overwhelmed by the variety of totally different pets out there, particularly in the event that they forgo their native field shops and contemplate shopping for from breeders or on-line sources. Many keepers wish to begin with a species that they fell in love with at a reptile zoo, aquarium, or science museum. Whereas these animals are fantastic to observe, some are tougher to maintain than others (and a few could be laborious to search out) so new keepers ought to do a whole lot of analysis earlier than deciding on one. Hold studying to see what first-time reptiles we advocate.

Prime 10 Record – First-Time Reptiles

1. Ball Python

Ball Pythons could make good pets for learners as they’re normally light and infrequently chunk. They don’t get harassed as simply as different snakes and might take pleasure in being dealt with. They do have particular humidity necessities that may be tough to take care of in some properties. If they don’t get the humidity they want, they will have bother shedding. Ball pythons will also be pickier eaters in comparison with another snake and lizard species, however since snakes can go some time with out meals, this could normally be sorted out with time and correct dealing with. In case you take pleasure in extra distinctive animals and coloring, contemplate an albino ball python.

You possibly can try our care sheet for ball pythons to study all of the care necessities wanted to take care of one.

2. Rosy Boa

Rosy boas could be the most effective snakes for starting keepers. These snakes stay small, normally underneath 3 toes, and are typically calm and permit dealing with. They solely want average humidity, and whereas they want a basking space with a warmth lamp, their tank temperature can drop decrease than another species. They aren’t choosy about their meals and like a tank with a desert habitat similar to gravel substrate, branches, and rocky hides.

3. Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are good newbie pets however there are some issues to remember: First, bearded dragons develop bigger than many lizards and want extra room. As soon as your pet is an grownup, you have to not less than a 40 or 55-gallon tank, and even bigger is best. Additionally, you will must feed your pet a mixture of contemporary greens, fruits, and bugs. Bearded dragons additionally want a UV lamp and a warmth lamp to bask beneath. These reptiles are bigger and sturdier than many others, making them an excellent pet for youngsters and youths who need to have the ability to hand their animal (with supervision, after all).

To discover ways to take care of them, try our care sheet for bearded dragons.

4. Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are good pets as a result of they’re extra accepting of dealing with and are straightforward to take care of. They like a medium humidity degree in contrast with some species and don’t want a particular substrate. They do have delicate toes, in order that they typically do higher with smoother floorings versus tough wooden chips. Leopard geckos eat bugs and like reside prey, similar to crickets or cockroaches, so hold that in thoughts when contemplating them as a pet. 

Our leopard gecko care sheet.

5. Corn Snake

Corn snakes could be a good first snake as they continue to be smaller than many different choices and aren’t normally choosy eaters. They do require very heat tanks, which mustn’t drop under 75° at any level. Additionally they want a medium to excessive humidity and infrequently soil their water so it should be modified each day.

Our corn snake care sheet.

6. Crested Gecko

A crested gecko could make a great pet as a result of they’re entertaining and lively and comparatively straightforward to take care of. They’ll eat powdered meals somewhat than solely consuming contemporary meals like many reptiles, which makes them simpler to take care of. They do like supplemental bugs when out there, however don’t require this daily. These reptiles like climbing and like vertical tanks with a lot of branches and leaves, however they aren’t as tolerant of dealing with and if they’re too harassed, they are going to lose their tails which don’t develop again.

Our crested gecko care sheet.

7. Inexperienced Anole

Green anoles are native to the Southeastern United States and like a local weather much like that location-humid and heat. They want a basking space with a UV lamp, a heat space with a warmth lamp, and a substrate. These lizards can turn into aware of dealing with however should be dealt with with care as a result of they’re so small. Inexperienced anoles reside a lot shorter lives than most reptiles on this checklist.

8. Purple-Eared Sliders

Red-eared sliders could make good first pets as a result of they’re hearty and long-lived, in addition to enjoyable to observe, however they do have tough and costly housing necessities. Whereas these turtles look small and lovely on the pet retailer, they will develop over 10 inches lengthy and want large aquatic tanks with basking areas out of the water. Grownup turtles want sufficient space to swim freely and may have water that’s not less than twice as deep because the turtle is lengthy. Additionally they want UV lights and warmth lamps to bask underneath. These set-ups are comparatively straightforward to handle when the turtle is younger, however as they develop they will turn into cumbersome and costly to deal with.

Our red-eared slider care sheet.

9. King Snake

King snakes are good for learners as a result of they’re lively, which makes them entertaining in contrast with extra nocturnal or shy species, and they’re straightforward to feed, not often rejecting frozen meals. King snakes develop bigger than a number of the different species generally out there, nevertheless, and you have to to be ready to have a big space to maintain them in. They’re additionally sturdy and might push their tank lid off if it’s not very safe.

Written by Larry Jaeger. Though he has written on many topics, he’s an avid reptile fanatic who grew up dreaming of being a herpetologist – impressed by Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin!

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