Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!)

Animalstuffstore SummerFB022423aIMG_3133 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

I’ve a shaggy dog story to inform you. Some time again, my human determined she needed to get my garments off her weight rack. So after some analysis, she ordered a doll’s wardrobe rack from Amazon for me.

Animalstuffstore Summer0222423bIMG_3105 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

In fact, it wanted meeting. What did you anticipate?

Animalstuffstore Summer022423cIMG_3140 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

It’s a great factor I used to be there to assist! There weren’t a number of items, however my human positively want my help.

Animalstuffstore Summer022423dIMG_3133 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

I gave my human some encouragement by rubbing on the wardrobe rack because it got here collectively.

Animalstuffstore Summer022423eIMG_3136 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

It even got here with hangers, though nowhere close to sufficient for my wardrobe!

Animalstuffstore Summer022423fIMG_3121 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

I used to be very pleased with the completed venture! Apart from one factor.

Animalstuffstore Summer022423gIMG_3128 Assembling My Wardrobe Rack (Video!) Cat

It didn’t even come near becoming in all my garments sitting on my human’s weight rack!

However you recognize what the actually humorous factor is about this complete story? It occurred a yr in the past, and my human shot video and forgot she had it till now! I feel she shared it on TikTok final yr and that was it. So now you possibly can see it under.

If you wish to see the wardrobe rack on Amazon, here it is. We’re Amazon associates, so in the event you click on via and make a purchase order, we get a small fee. Thanks to your help!

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