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Fast Details

  • Weight: 10 – 15 kilos
  • Top: about 16 inches

Coveted for its wildcat unique appears to be like, the Bengal prowls like a small leopard with its modern, muscular physique, oval eyes, broad nostril, robust chin and wedge-shaped head. Its hind legs are barely longer than the entrance legs, yielding a “stalking-like” gait.

TICA acknowledges 13 totally different coat colours in competitors, starting from brown tabby and seal lynx level to noticed and marbled patterns on its brief to medium coat that feels silky to the contact.

Females weight between 6 to 12 kilos and males common between 10 to 12 kilos.


  • Stunning leopard-print coat
  • Agile and athletic
  • Very vocal
  • Extremely smart
  • Demanding
  • Loves water

Supreme Human Companion

  • Busy, lively households
  • Skilled cat homeowners
  • Households with different pets, together with canine

What They Are Wish to Stay With

The Bengal put the “b” in busy. These cats are lively, alert and agile. They examine the actions of their individuals and discover ways to open cupboards, doorways and even home windows. They’re able to scaling partitions, roosting on high of fridges and different excessive locations within the residence.

Regardless of its rising reputation, the Bengal is certainly not a cat for everybody. They fare finest with skilled cat homeowners prepared to commit time every day for interplay. Bengals demand consideration. They’re fairly talkative, able to making a variety of vocalizations from chirps and chortles to squeaks and howls. Some growl after they eat.

Bengals thrive in lively households. They like to play lengthy video games of fetch, stroll on leashes and play in water dishes and bathtubs.

Issues You Ought to Know

Present-quality Bengals can price $2,000.

Bengals take as much as two years to achieve maturity.

Bengals are ideally suited candidates for clicker coaching.

They like shiny objects and will steal them and conceal them.

Bengal Historical past

A brand new and controversial breed, the Bengal is quick rising in reputation, due partially to its wildcat look. The Bengal started as a hybrid breed, created by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat with the home cat. The primary “pet leopard” is traced again to Japan within the early Nineteen Forties, however the first look of Bengals in the US was within the Nineteen Seventies.

As a breed, Bengals had been first exhibited in cat exhibits in 1985. At this time, The Worldwide Cat Affiliation ranks the Bengal as its hottest breed, effectively forward of runner-up Ragdoll with greater than 60,000 Bengals registered with TICA. Nevertheless, the Cat Fanciers Affiliation, the world’s largest cat breed registry, doesn’t acknowledge the Bengal as a breed.

To compete within the present ring, the Bengal have to be at the least a fourth-generation descendant of a crossing between the wild Asian Leopard Cat and a home cat. The objective is to take care of the “wild look” with a lovely domesticated persona. Any Bengal who shows paw swatting or different indicators of aggression towards a present choose is disqualified from competitors.

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