Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds

Animalstuffstore Barred-Laughingthrush_DSC1122_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x452 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

In Kangding, there’s a moderately opulent fowl disguise – two tales, strong development, spacious, plenty of glass, a separate paved car parking zone, although mysteriously (and so far as I can inform from my expertise of residing in China for nearly 20 years, not indicative of essentially totally different bodily wants of Chinese language folks) lacking a toilet.

This was the place I spent a very good half a day in February 2023, once more within the firm of Bella from Alpinebirding, who luckily compensates her disturbing fondness for leaf warblers with an unlimited data of Chinese language birds and notably their calls (although clearly, the latter functionality is way more vital when birding along with her within the wild moderately than from a disguise, so I assume I ought to have used the final bit in one other weblog publish).

Anyway, in case you’re nonetheless studying, the primary attraction at this disguise is Woman Amherst’s Pheasant, which perversely will not be featured on this publish (it’s handled in a separate one, thus grudgingly acknowledging the virtually disgusting flamboyance of that species).

Nonetheless, there are many birds left to see from this disguise.

Among the many key points of interest are a number of laughingthrushes. I believe my favourite this time was the Barred Laughingthrush.

The way in which eBird describes the species may properly be an outline of my best girlfriend – “good-looking however shy”.

Animalstuffstore Barred-Laughingthrush_DSC1663_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x434 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Latin species title lunulata is derived from luna, “moon”, with the diminutive added – it means thus “little moon” and in addition “crescent-shaped”. My guess is that that is derived from the half-moonish patterns everywhere in the essential physique of the fowl.

Animalstuffstore Barred-Laughingthrush_DSC1870_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x432 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

I’m not positive why the change – hopefully some constructive growth – however the categorization of the species was modified from Close to Threatened (it’s range-restricted) to Least Concern.

Animalstuffstore Barred-Laughingthrush_DSC1694_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x409 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Elliot’s Laughingthrush is known as after Daniel Giraud Elliot (1835 – 1915), an American ornithologist who apparently didn’t actually do something associated to laughingthrushes and/or Asia however was wealthy. Perhaps that was sufficient. A minimum of he didn’t have a ebook titled “The Artwork of the Deal” ghostwritten for him.

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC2185_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x484 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

This species tends to make use of loads of hair gel to get the right moist look.

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC1930_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x439 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

In a recent post, I discussed that scientific papers more and more appear to have literary titles. A very recent one (2023) involving Elliot’s Laughingthrush follows the identical development: “Asian Koel removes nestlings of Elliot’s Laughingthrush from their nest: farming or retaliatory mafia conduct?

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC2698_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x461 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The paper describes a videotaped incident of an grownup feminine Asian Koel eradicating three Elliot’s Laughingthrush nestlings from a nest (by the way, additionally in Kangding, Sichuan). The almost definitely rationalization – as judged by the authors – is one thing referred to as the farming speculation, which states that brood parasites such because the koel could intentionally destroy nests because it provides them a very good likelihood to deposit an egg within the substitute clutch. Not one thing I might severely contemplate doing myself, however then I do not likely need to reproduce anyway.

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC4205_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x477 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Pity the mafia speculation cited within the title of the paper will not be pursued additional although – that would have been fascinating.

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC1073_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x459 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Photobombing appears to be an enormous factor for Elliot’s Laughingthrush, at the least on this location (right here with a Large Laughingthrush).

Animalstuffstore Giant-Laughingthrush_DSC0143_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x432 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Chinese language Babax additionally does some photobombing however in a way more refined approach (to compensate for the earlier photograph, right here with an Elliot’s Laughingthrush).

Animalstuffstore Elliots-Laughingthrush_DSC0163_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x449 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The title half “Babax” apparently is borrowed from Historical Greek, with “babax” that means “chatterer”. The title “Chinese language” apparently is derived from the truth that the fowl is especially present in China.

Animalstuffstore Chinese-Babax_DSC9892_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x693 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


Animalstuffstore Chinese-Babax_DSC3723_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x428 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

As an instance my incessantly made level that mammals are sort of evil, right here is one other piece of proof. A paper describes how a Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (which appears a bit like any person had kicked Donald Trump within the nostril, which in itself could in all probability not be such a foul thought) ate three Chinese language Babax chicks from a nest in Shennongjia Nationwide Park.

Animalstuffstore Chinese-Babax_DSC9974_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x470 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

A number of the grotesque particulars are given within the summary of the paper: “The monkey killed all of the three chicks by biting off their heads whereas feeding on them. On this case, a number of people, most have been feminine juveniles, have been concerned in watching the method of predation”. So not solely do mammals kill birds, however additionally they see this as a sort of spectator sport.

Animalstuffstore Chinese-Babax_DSC3653_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x417 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Large Laughingthrush is a little bit of a disappointment in that it’s not actually large enough to eat you (or perhaps a pet cat), despite the fact that that’s what one would anticipate from an animal with the Large half in its title. Perhaps the species has shrunk up to now few many years.

Animalstuffstore Giant-Laughingthrush_DSC3780_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x466 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


Animalstuffstore Giant-Laughingthrush_DSC0219_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x492 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

If in case you have ever considered having youngsters and need my opinion on it, I counsel in opposition to it. Nonetheless, on the plus facet, you in all probability won’t should eat the feces of your younger youngsters, as Large Laughingthrushes do (source; in fact, many different fowl species do that as properly).

Animalstuffstore Giant-Laughingthrush_DSC3532_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x446 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


Animalstuffstore Giant-Laughingthrush_DSC4678_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x599 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Within the (lately barely diminished) custom of this weblog masking non-avian subjects that presumably none of its readers are keen on, right here is an unpaid intermission to plug a video by one in all my favourite bands, The Burning Hell: “All I would like”. Because the band describes it, it’s “an animated sci-fi Western quick movie/music video” that’s properly price watching even in the event you mistakenly assume that the music will not be that good. Finish of commercial.

The Black-browed Bushtit will not be actually all that totally different from the extra widespread (together with Shanghai) Black-throated Bushtit. Each have a black forehead and a blackish throat. The bizarre world of fowl names once more.

Animalstuffstore Black-browed-Bushtit_DSC2120_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x458 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Apparently, it’s the high-altitude counterpart to the Black-throated Bushtit. Presumably, the Latin species title bonvaloti is derived from the French explorer Gabriel Bonvalot (1853-1933), although I didn’t get a transparent affirmation for that. This Bonvalot apparently was the everyday ruthless explorer of these occasions – Wikipedia states that “As a European, Bonvalot felt superior to the locals and used threats or drive to acquire tools, provides, pack animals and porters” and on one other expedition “once more coerced the inhabitants into offering horses and guides and even threatened the native commander with imprisonment”. Unsurprisingly and well-deservedly, his expedition was later detained by officers of the Tibetan authorities and never allowed to enter Lhasa. In any case, no cause to call a fowl after him.

Animalstuffstore Black-browed-Bushtit_DSC2599_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-1-630x444 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Like different bushtits, this species is kind of social and shamelessly performs on its cuteness as its USP (in the event you have no idea what USP means, congratulations – you undoubtedly don’t work in advertising).

Animalstuffstore Black-browed-Bushtit_DSC2631_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x367 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

As customary for the HBW, the Black-browed Bushtit remains to be handled as conspecific with the Rufous-fronted Bushtit, a distinction that Wikipedia already makes. I assume Wikipedia is extra centered on birds than the HBW.

Animalstuffstore Black-browed-Bushtit_DSC2126_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x484 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Rufous-vented Tit is certainly rufous-vented, assuming that vent is a well mannered ornithological phrase for “ass” (certainly, states that the vent is the outermost a part of the cloaca).

Animalstuffstore Rufous-vented-Tit_DSC3987_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x471 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Noticed Nutcracker is considered a little bit of a jerk amongst some vegetation, if this paper is to be believed. (Would you will have believed that there’s a scientific journal titled “Motion Ecology”? Me, undoubtedly not).

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Nutcracker_DSC3225_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x420 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Why? Properly, the nutcracker incessantly caches the seeds of the Swiss stone pine at low elevations in spruce forest, the place the Swiss stone pine can’t develop. Wasted effort from the point of view of the tree, and a cause why many of those timber are moderately keen on cats.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Nutcracker_DSC4494_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x463 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

As their discovering sounds a bit too easy and easy, the authors don’t spare any effort to phrase their findings in a way more troublesome and imprecise assertion: “We conclude that the implications of such long-distance seed dispersal actions for plant populations must be fastidiously thought of together with the consequences of habitat high quality on plant recruitment.” Congratulations.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Nutcracker_DSC3193_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x448 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Apparently, each components of the Latin title Nucifraga caryocatactes principally simply imply nutcracker, despite the fact that the second half sounds extra just like the title of a Brazilian samba band.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Nutcracker_DSC0060_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x535 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Why do nesting makes an attempt of the Purple-billed Blue Magpie generally fail? In response to Chinese language researchers, nest predation and brood parasitism are the 2 essential causes.

Animalstuffstore Red-billed-Blue-Magpie_DSC3710_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x667 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

This not notably shocking end result doesn’t hold authors from making some pretty grandiose claims on the finish of the abstract: “This research supplies the primary dependable and complete data on the reproductive parameters of U. erythrorhyncha, which is able to lay a basis for additional understanding this species’ biology and opens up an avenue for large-scale comparative research of the Urocissa genus or higher-level taxa.”

Animalstuffstore Red-billed-Blue-Magpie_DSC3713_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x389 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Everyone needs to put the groundwork, no one needs to enter particulars. Perhaps this may be delegated to some interns?

Animalstuffstore Red-billed-Blue-Magpie_DSC3891_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x476 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Should you occur to dwell in St. Louis, USA, you possibly can see the species at your local zoo.

eBird makes the White-browed Fulvetta sound like some sort of hobbit: “Chunky fulvetta of scrubby, stunted subalpine forests.”

Animalstuffstore White-browed-Fulvetta_DSC3045_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x434 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Latin species title vinipectus, or “wine(colour)-breasted” doesn’t instantly make a lot sense to me.

Animalstuffstore White-browed-Fulvetta_DSC4557_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x441 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


Animalstuffstore White-browed-Fulvetta_DSC3255_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x433 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Drummers in all probability assume that their particular person type is exclusive and distinct – and perhaps it’s. Presumably, Nice Noticed Woodpeckers assume alike, given that there’s a paper titled “Vocal individuality in drumming in nice noticed woodpecker”.

Animalstuffstore Great-spotted-Woodpecker_DSC3349_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x435 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Generally ornithological analysis should be deeply disappointing. For instance, when researchers examined paternity in Nice Noticed Woodpeckers, they in all probability already of their heads phrased a raunchy headline for his or her paper – in all probability not “Not made from wooden?” however perhaps “They often drum the place they need to not drum”?

Animalstuffstore Great-spotted-Woodpecker_DSC3333_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x576 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

As a substitute, they discovered that in all 161 younger from 36 broods have been sired by the male feeding on the nest gap. What a bummer. As a consequence, the title of the paper is the moderately boring “Parental care and parentage in monogamous nice noticed woodpeckers”.

Animalstuffstore Great-spotted-Woodpecker_DSC3330_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x432 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

Happily, the one Streaked Rosefinch visiting the disguise was a male. Sure, sexism, I do know.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Rosefinch_DSC1807_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x465 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

eBird is participating in some borderline fat-shaming by calling it a big, cumbersome rosefinch.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Rosefinch_DSC1827_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x511 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

The Latin title is a bit lame – rubicilloides, or “resembling rubicilla”, which is the species title of the Nice Rosefinch.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Rosefinch_DSC1838_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-1-630x474 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

In fact, Elliot’s Laughingthrush doesn’t simply hand over on its photobombing efforts.

Animalstuffstore Spotted-Rosefinch_DSC1831_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-630x413 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird

As ordinary, the one detrimental facet of this disguise was a mammal – on this case, an previous Chinese language fowl photographer, head to toe in camouflage gear, which on condition that he was in an nearly totally inclosed disguise was pretty ridiculous however in all probability made him really feel extra like an actual man. He additionally appeared to assume that any passing of my journey companion in entrance of his lens was a significant infraction whereas on the similar time being extraordinarily tolerant of his personal loud speaking to the disguise proprietor and on his cellphone. Properly, you recognize, mammals.

One other mammal, luckily not as noisy.

Animalstuffstore Other_DSC1393_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-2-630x405 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


Animalstuffstore Other_DSC1432_Kangding-Feb-01-2023-2-630x422 Birding Kangding, Sichuan – 10,000 Birds Bird


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