Bluebirds At all times Carry a Smile

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What’s it about bluebirds?

They only appear to be one of the crucial endearing birds to be discovered wherever…however why?

Possibly it’s their light demeanor. Social by nature and rarely alone, they not often seem excitable or aggressive and appear to deal with one another with the good-natured and calm deportment of an previous good friend. Really the kind of good friend all of us want we had.

May or not it’s their melodious and enchanting tune? At all times pleasing to the ear and barely lacking when a household of bluebirds is close by.  Their frequent name observe is a candy sounding tura or turalee, and their tune is a cheerful, musical phrase that claims cheerily…cheer, cheerful, charmer.  Step out into the yard and their musical interludes will instantly deliver a smile to your face!

Or is it as a result of they’re simply so extremely stunning? It could be arduous to search out something as dazzling as a bluebird standing on a fence put up within the early morning solar. Its sensible blue plumage would possibly even be stated to rival the sky itself. Certainly it does.

It is likely to be the distinctive relationship that has developed between us and them. Bluebirds had been at all times cherished by early settlers, however their use of the land resulted in habitat adjustments that left bluebird numbers in step decline by the mid 1960’s. Recognizing the difficulty, numerous folks started erecting nest containers throughout the land, a lot to the good thing about bluebirds. As we speak, they’re commonplace, not solely within the countryside, but additionally in gracing us with their presence in our city backyards.

Whatever the purpose, many people cherish our relationship with our bluebirds. They’re a real supply of pleasure and our day merely wouldn’t be the identical with out them.

So to maintain the connection going, we maintain our nest containers clear and prepared and our feeders stuffed with their favourite meals like our Nesting SuperBlend®, Bark Butter® merchandise and mealworms.

Increasingly more individuals are profitable at attracting bluebirds to their backyards and extra individuals are coming to know what the phrase, “the bluebird of happiness” is all about!

Tune into the WBU Nature Centered Podcast episode, Bluebirds: Your Backyard Buddiesthe place John and Brian focus on how bluebirds delight us with their stunning tune, “colour” and fantastic demeanor. Plus, professional tips about attracting them to your yard and inviting them to boost a household. 

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