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Hanging Apple Wood Rabbit Hay Feeder- Wooden Grass Shelf with 2 Hooks Biting Resistant Small Animals Feeding Hay Manager…

Less Wasted Design: Our rabbit hay feeder is designed into rectangle frame, different from the normal pet bowl, so that your little pet will not mess their food, causing much waste. With this less wasted design, your little guy can keep their house clean, which can help you save time on cleaning the cage. Hanging Use: Except for standing feeder rack, our wooden rabbit feeding hay manager can also be hanged on your little guy’s cage with the 2 metal hooks we provided for you. You little pet will get exercised to train their legs when they stand to eat food. Proper Size: The size of our bunny grass dispenser is 4" × 4" × 7", which can contain adequate hay for your rabbit to eat for a day. With the proper size and less wasted design, you don't need to add grass for you little guy frequently in a day.