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Aquarium Supplies ISTA Clear Glass Planaria Trap for Cherry Shrimp Crystal red Shrimp Dwarf Shrimp

Clear GLASS Dish. Planaria trap comes with 3 holes design which is able to trap planaria efficiently to reduce planaria population in tank. Planaria trapped inside the tube will never able to come out from the designed hole. Trap/Catches Planaria, Flat Worms and Leeches. Equally effective for leeches

Planaria Trap for Crystal Red Shrimp Tank – Aquarium Bristle Worm Catcher, Cherry Shrimp Dwarf Shrimp Ghost Shrimp Live…

Faultless Design - The holes of the trap are wide on the outside and narrow on the inside. The special design makes it easy for planaria to get in but difficult to escape. Removing these tricky unwelcome creatures from your Freshwater shrimp aquarium with almost no effort! Zero Planaria - Designed according to the characteristics of the planaria worm who likes to bore into the soil or hide under the rock. Luring them into the trap and efficiently to reduce planaria population in your aquarium, such as betta fish tank. Natural and Physical - The perfect tool when you have live aquarium plants and afraid there might be live worm species in those beautiful freshwater plants. Effectively trap and catch planaria, flatworms, and leeches without any possibility that might affect the shrimp tank water quality and prevent drug residues from harming your dear aquatic water tank.