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Baizongyang 6 in 1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush,Multi-Functional Horse Brush Hair Removal Beauty Tool (5 in 1)

【Beauty Massage Brush】Multifunctional beauty massage brush can quickly brush away loose hair that falls out naturally. It massages and stretches the horse's muscles, promotes blood circulation, and is suitable for use before and while riding, keeping it clean and comfortable! 【Safe to Use】Our bath brush is used for hair removal and muscle care without the risk of damaging your coat or skin. The flexible fit fits the animal's entire body and can be used safely anywhere, including the legs, face and all sensitive areas. 【Good Decontamination Effect】Plenty of matte finish lathers deep into the skin and takes away dirt. Removes embedded grime, and the edge of the massage brush also quickly scrapes grime off the horse, keeping him clean and dry! The tiny matte surface can be used to clean delicate areas like the face and legs.