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Birds Day Bird Carrier Backpack-Parrot Travel Cage with Perch and Food Bowl, Stainless Steel Tray (Dark Olive Green)

🚲🚗【Easy to carry Anywhere】 You can move safely in various ways when going for a walk, riding a bicycle, driving, etc. The back panel and the strips are designed to relieve the pressure on your body. ☀️😎【Keep Heat out】 In summer, Parrots can get heatstroke if exposed to direct sunlight(especially in transparent plastic, PVC carriers). You can keep your bird safe and cool by covering the mesh with the flaps. The White mesh will reflect the heat, not absorb it like the dark, gray color. ♻️♻️【Well Ventilated Design】 The Three-sided mesh and Ventilating holes can help your bird breathe completely fresh air.