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BOURDSERK Reptile Lamp Stand, Adjustable 16-31 Inch Domes Heat Lamp Metal Bracket Floor Light Holder for Reptile…

【Sturdy & High Load-Bearing】 The reptile lamp stand is made of all-metal structure and is durable. You can easily install the heating lamps and lighting equipment on the top of the glass container, and adjust the height and position freely. The high load-bearing can hang double lampshades or even 3 lampshades. 【Wide Range of Uses】This floor metal light stand is more widely used than the clip-on lights stand. It can be used with various terrariums, incubators, Rearing Box, brooders, cages or tank. It is suitable for all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and small animals, including bearded dragon, tortoises, gecko, lizard, frog, snake, chameleon, Chicks, rabbits, etc. 【Convenient Free Adjustment】: The height of the lamp stand can be adjusted: about 16-31 in (40-79 cm), the hook cantilever telescopic range: about 9-13 in(20-30 cm,). You can freely adjust the optimal distance and position between the heat lights bulb and your pet, making your reptile more comfortable.