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UVB Reptile Light Turtle Light 25W 50W E27 UVA UVB Heat Lamp Bulb Halogen Basking Lizard Light Bulb Full Spectrum Sun…

High Quality Material Turtle Heat Light: This reptile light is made up for glass and include durable wick avoid anti-aging and three-dimensional reflection, which is to strengthen the ultraviolet spectrum. 2 PCS 25W& 2 PCS 50W E27 UV Halogen Bulbs Basking Light: This turtle lamp is full-spectrum sun bulb and can provides the necessary UVA and UVB rays for your turtles, lizards and other pets. UVA UVB Heat Lamps for Reptile: This UVB reptile heat bulb can stimulus reptiles appetite, hyperthermia, and auxiliary digestion, 3% UVB boosts vitamin D3 synthesis, 97% UVA can complete absorption calcium.