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Chuangdi 2 Pieces Artificial Phalaenopsis with Suction Cups Terrarium Plant Decoration Reptile Habitat Plant Decor for…

Quality material: the artificial phalaenopsis is made of 3D printing materials, which is safe and reliable to use, no harmless to pets, and establishes a dynamic environment with interesting hiding spots and exciting obstacles for your pets to explore, offering them a funny and comfortable playing and resting place Realistic and colorful: these terrarium plant decorations are vivid and colorful, add a touch of color to the boring glass container to create a vibrant and colorful habitat, so that your pet will feel pleasant and cosy when living in it, suitable for bearded dragon, lizard, gecko, snake, and other reptile terrariums, also suitable for aquarium and home decoration Easy to install: each phalaenopsis is equipped with 2 pieces suction cups, which can firmly attach the phalaenopsis to the wall of the fish tank or other aquatic, reptile or amphibian habitat; If you want to adjust the plant, just move the suction cup to other place; And the branches of the phalaenopsis are very long, you can trim them according to your actual needs