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Cobee Fish Feeding Ring, 2 Pieces Aquarium Fish Feeder Fish Tank Food Feeder Circle Tank Accessories for Guppy Bettas…

【Prevents Fish From Being Bullies】Bullies can't hog all the rings, so everyone gets a chance to eat in peace. Fill one square fish feeder and allow your more aggressive fish to dash over to eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding square for the more timid fish. 【Keep the Aquarium Clean】The fish feeding rings keep the food in a certain area, it inhibits the food from floating into unwanted places such as the filter, which allows more of it to be eaten. It is easier to clean up the residual feed, reduce waste, and maintain water quality, increasing more feeding fun. 【Safe and Quality Material】Molain fish feeding ring is made of high-quality PVC material, which is pollution-free and protecting fish health. The Floating Fish Feeding rings can help fish develop a habit of eating in a fixed position.