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DaToo 10 Watt Small Aquarium Heater Mini Betta Flat Fish Tank Heater for 1 Gallon 1.5 Gallon

PERFECT MINI HEATER FOR 1~1.5 GALLON TANK - For a Betta breeder with a 1 to 1.5 gallon small tank, it is very difficult to choose a suitable heater. Because most of the heaters on the market are too big for this small tank. This not only affects us to watch our beautiful Betta, but also reduces the activity space of the Betta. Now DaToo Mini Aquarium heater can help you solve this problem. Ultra-small and thin size, perfectly hidden in a 1~1.5 gallon tank, your Betta will be happy with it! ! CONSTANT TEMPERATURE & NO NEED TO ADJUST - DaToo 10W MINI Aquarium Heater can automatically maintain a constant temperature between 75°F and 82°F (depending on the external environment), no need to set. This temperature range is ideal for most tropical fish and is very beneficial for the reproduction of betta and promotes their metabolism. With no extra work, just plug it in and the DaToo 10Watt Small Fish Tank Heater will help your fish stay healthy and comfortable. Great for kids!! 24V SAFE VOLTAGE & POWER OFF AFTER LEAVING WATER - The output voltage of the DaToo Betta Heater is only 24V, which not only ensures the safety of the fish, but also ensures the safety of the user. No need to worry about leakage, you can rest assured to use it for your children. The Betta heater needs to be completely submerged in the water. If it leaves the water, it will automatically stop heating to prevent dry burning (heating indicator is green), which is very safe.

DaToo Aquarium Chiller Fish Tank Fan Aquarium Cooling Fan, 1 Yr Warranty

DaToo Aquarium Chiller - As we all know, too high or too low temperature is not healthy for fish. Comfortable temperature is what fish want most. What can we do for our beloved fish when the hot summer comes? Don't worry, DaToo Aquarium Chiller can help you easily. Strong wind, quiet and energy saving, let your fish enjoy a cool summer! Powerful Temperature Cooling System - DaToo Aquarium Cooling Fan can continuously provide strong and uniform wind, effectively accelerate the heat dissipation, and easily provide 4°F to 6°F of temperature cooling for your fish tank. Two-level wind speed adjustment, you can choose the appropriate wind speed according to your needs. Very convenient! Strong And Durable - Engineering grade ABS fan, greatly improving the strength of the fan, can withstand the fan running for a long time without worrying about damage. Aluminum alloy fan clip, long life and more durable, no installation, can easily fixed to the edge of the aquarium, very firm!

DaToo Aquarium Chillers Fish Tank Cooling Fan Quiet Aquarium Fan Wind Angle Adjustable Chiller with Clip and Suction Cup

🐠【DaToo Aquarium Cooling Fan】: For most aquatic organisms, too high water temperature is dangerous. When the hot summer comes, how can we create a cool and comfortable temperature for our beloved fish? Don't worry, DaToo Aquarium Cooling Fan will make it easy for you. 24 hours Professional Cooling System, 360° wind direction adjustment, double fixation, quiet and safe, let your lovely fish have a cool and comfortable summer immediately! 🐠【24 Hours Professional Cooling System】: DaToo has 24-hour continuous strong wind, which can easily provide 4℉ to 7℉ cooling for your fish tank (depending on weather and outside temperature). Excellent mechanical performance ensures stress-free 24 hour operation, day or night, just set it, leave it, and it will keep your fish cool 24 hours a day! 🐠【Quiet And Safe】: How to choose a quiet and safe aquarium fan? DaToo aquarium chiller can give you the answer. Upgraded brushless motor, can effectively reduce the noise generated by fan rotation (Noise ≤ 25dB), giving you a quiet night. DC 5V working voltage, safe and low voltage, so that your fish can live happily in a safe aquarium world!

DaToo Aquarium Thermometer Digital Fish Tank Thermometer Accurate Water Terrarium Thermometer with High/Low Temperature…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 🐠DaToo Aquarium Thermometer With Alarm -- It is very important to keep our aquarium water temperature close to the temperature of the fish's natural habitat at all times. But how to achieve it? A perfect aquarium thermometer is essential. DaToo Aquarium Thermometer, accurate inside/outside tank temperature, high/low temperature alarm function, sturdy and durable, large-screen display, easily help you achieve the perfect water temperature like a fish's natural habitat. 🐠Accurate Inside/Outside Tank Temperature -- DaToo aquarium thermometer can accurately measure the temperature inside and outside the fish tank. (Accuracy to 0.1℉). When the screen displays "In", the temperature is the temperature outside the fish tank (Measured by thermometer body). When the screen displays "Out", the temperature is the temperature in the fish tank (Measured by temperature probe). Very Convenient!

DaToo Mini Aquarium Heater 25W Small Fish Tank Heater 25 Watt with Free Thermometer Sticker

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 🐠25W Betta Aquarium Heater: Creating and maintaining a perfect and comfortable water temperature for our cute fish is not easy, which requires a lot of effort. Now DaToo MINI 25W Aquarium Heater can help you make this easier. Precise and constant temperature, no need to set, keep the temperature of fish habitat in the best state at all times. You will find it very easy and happy to take care of pet fish! 🐠Precise And Constant Temperature: No need to set, DaToo Fish Tank Heater will automatically keep the water temperature of the fish habitat at 78℉. This temperature is very suitable for betta and most tropical fish. When the water temperature is lower than 78℉, the heater starts to heat and the red light is on. When the temperature reaches 78℉, the heater stops heating and the green light is on. DaToo will always maintain this comfortable temperature for your beloved fish!

DaToo Replacement Aquarium Filter Cartridges for DTF-01

Fits DaToo Aquarium Filter DTF-01 Double-sided filter cotton with high quality activated carbon. It can effectively adsorb impurities in water and remove odor Easy to install, it only takes a few seconds to easily replace

DaToo Small Aquarium Heater 50W Mini Fish Tank Heater 50 Watt Submersible with LED Temperature Display

🐠DaToo 50W Small Aquarium Heater -- A warm water temperature can always bring happiness to the fish. They can freely play around in the water without worrying about the cold, which will make them healthier and more energetic. DaToo 50W aquarium heater, three-point temperature control system, sturdy and durable, real-time temperature display and external temperature adjustment, safe and easy to use, not only can easily create a warm underwater world for your fish, but also bring them happy. 🐠Three-Point Temperature Control System -- DaToo creatively uses three temperature sensing points, which makes DaToo heater has more accurate and sensitive temperature. Accuracy is ±1℉. Automatic constant temperature, when the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the heater will automatically stop heating. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heater will automatically start heating. No need to worry about overheating. 🐠Sturdy And Durable -- High strength ABS shell, no fear of any external force damage and chemical corrosion, high temperature resistant, longer service life. Thicker quartz glass, explosion-proof and crack-proof, safer and more durable, excellent heat transfer rate, which enables DaToo aquarium heaters to quickly fill every corner of your fish tank with warmth!