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DE AVILA Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae 5 LBS 100% Natural BSF Larvae Non-GMO, 85XMore Calcium Than Mealworms, High…

ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS FOR BACKYARD CHICKEN: 85 times more calcium than mealworms. DE AVILA 5LBS Oven-dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae are packed with protein, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, lysine, and dietary fat. Replacing 3%-5% of chicken feed given each day with BSF larva will help boost immune system for healthier living HEALTHIER FEATHERS: Rich in essential amino acids, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin E and other vital nutrients, DE AVILA BSF larva promotes birds' feather production and speeds up molting, so you don't need to feed your pets with extra calcium supplements like oyster shells PROMOTE STRONGER EGGSHELLS: Prevent egg deformation and egg production stops caused by protein deficiency. DE AVILA BSF larva treats provide essential nutrients that helps Laying Hens, Chicken, Bird, Reptile regain normal energy levels, enhance egg production and promote stronger eggshells during nesting season