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EcoPet All Natural Pet Odor and Stain Remover – Probiotic Powered Multi Surface Cleaner – Effective Non-Toxic Pet Odor…

VERSATILE and TOUGH on CLEANUP – Made to clean and deodorize every surface every time, this pet urine odor remover is the ultimate stain & odor eliminator, ideal for cleaning scoops, cages, kennels, litter boxes, carpets, floors, furniture. NEW GENERATION CLEANER – Our pet stain and odor remover is powered by Certified Organic Probiotic consisting of living microbes that adapt to multiple odors and cleaning applications. Even after the first application, microbes live 3-5 days on a surface and continuously clean SAFE and ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – This is the first trigger spray all surface cleaner for urine, feces, vomit, and drool that is Perfectly Natural - no preservatives, detergents, phosphorus. All ingredients are Certified Organic, safe for pets, humans and the planet. FOR ALL PETS – With the effective and safe combination of active ingredients, this product can be used as cat urine odor remover, dog urine odor eliminator, poultry odor eliminator and all types of pet stain remover.