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EquiGroomer Deshedding Brush for Horses and Large Pets | Short and Long Hair | Comb Removes Loose Dirt, Hair and Fur…

STRESS-FREE DESHEDDING: Our unique blade removes dead hair without pulling, pain or the stress many standard shedding tools can cause. Tiny barbs at the end of each tooth grab only the dead, dry, scaly hair while you brush, leaving the healthy hair behind. Stop scrubbing your horse with a rubber curry to remove dead hair. Save your elbow grease for other tasks around the barn. IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE-SKINNED ANIMALS: Standard shedding tools often have large teeth that can scratch the skin while removing a dead, winter coat. The tiny teeth on the EquiGoomer’s blade make direct contact with the fur but are too short to touch the skin. This is especially important when it comes to sensitive breeds like Thoroughbreds! All your horse will feel is the sensation of being brushed. IMPROVE COAT QUALITY: Although the EquiGroomer is the perfect tool for spring shedding, regular use throughout the year not only removes the dulling and drying agents like dirt, dust and dander, but will actually improve the quality of the coat by increasing the natural oils in the skin creating a rich, shiny coat.