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Fluker’s Buffet Blend Diet – Food for Hermit Crabs 2.4 oz

High Protein and Nutrient Diet Ethoxyquin and Copper Sulfate Free! Adds Instant Variety to your Crab's Diet!

Fluker’s Catappa Leaves for Hermit Crabs, 5 per pack

A great way to keep humidity levels higher in your enclosure Crabs will also nibble on them which is a great source of cellulose There are 5 Catappa leaves per pack

Fluker’s Lagoon for Hermit Crabs, Water Bowl with Steps

Fluker's Lagoon is a bowl that can be partially buried below the substrate that saves room and creates a natural pool. The lagoon can also be used as a feeding bowl Wipe clean weekly with warm water; Use hermit-safe deodorizing spray every other day