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Gejoy 6 Pieces Chicken Toys Set Chicken Bird Xylophone Toy Wood Stand Hen Mirror Toy Coop Swing Chicken Veggies Skewer…

Nice combination: the package comes with 1 piece chicken swing, 1 piece chicken xylophone toy, 1 piece chicken mirror toy, 1 piece chicken veggies skewer and 2 pieces chicken vegetable string bags, a nice and complete set for chickens or other large medium birds, such as african grey, macaws and so on Funny design: the chicken xylophone toy is designed for chicken entertainment, featuring with bells, will make a sound when chicken peck it, and the hook design allows you to hang it in the chicken coop; Hens coop swing ladder toy provides opportunities for chicken in cage to play as usual in nature; And the chicken mirror toy lets your rooster peck at himself in the mirror, making him feel less lonely and reduce boredom Chicken veggie feeder: the chicken vegetable string bag is made up durable nylon, the chicken veggies skewer with chain is made of stainless steel, which is strong enough to hold the weight of a variety of fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, corns, tomatoes for your chickens, ducks and geese to eat