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Aquarium Breeder Box, Acrylic Transparent Fish Breeding Box Tank Hatchery Incubator Aquarium Isolation Box(10CM*10CM…

High Quality---Made of high quality acrylic material, non-toxic and eco-friendly, durable and long service life. Screw reinforcement, steady and don't shake, prevents distortion. Design Feature---Transparent design, high transmittance effect and resistance to impact, can observe the fish. Double fixation to prevent shedding, can adjust the height of the box. Easy to Use---Comes with isolation board, easy to divide different fish samples. Hook and sucker design, easy to install, convenient to use. Suitable for fish breeding, isolation of big and baby fish, etc.

Aquarium Chiller, Power Saving Mute Cooling Fan SmallCrab Shape Fan Mini USB Fish Tank Coldwind Cooling Mounted Aquarium…

Adjustable --- The fan has three operating modes: normal speed - off - hi speed, 2 levels of speed are adjustable. Convenient To Use --- With USB connector ,it is more convenient. The cooling fan creates a constant laminar air flow without messy rapid changes of velocity and pressure Lower Power Consumption--- Low voltage design, super power saving, ultra-low power, absolute power saving and high efficiency, suitable for fish tank smaller than 45 cm.

GLOGLOW Accurate Hydrometer Salinity Meter, Seawater Hydrometer Accurate Automatic Hydrometer Salt Water Salinity Meter…

Accurate Automatic Hydrometer --- This product is designed with an automatic level function, can automatically identify the level to avoid errors. Accurate Sea Hydrometer --- Very accurate measurement readings, please rest assured to purchase. Suitable for fresh water and sea water Wide Range Of Applications --- Suitable for salt water and sea water fish tanks. Perfect for testing salinity and specific gravity of saltwater and seawater tanks, including solubility and specific gravity scales.