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2 Pack Aquarium Fish Breeder Box Large Mesh Box Fry Nursery Net Box Baby Fish Separator Hatchery Fish Tank Divider for…

Aquarium fish breeder box is made of high quality soft polyester net and plastic frame for durable use; Eco-friendly, safe and secure to use for your pets. Fish hatchery net is designed for breeding, isolating or acclimating fish; Increase the survival rate of breeded fish by separating the aggressive fish and weak fish. This aquarium fish breeding net comes with 4 suction cup for easily attached to the top of your aquarium, and easy to observe your baby fish.

Acrylic Critter Keeper Jumping Spider Enclosure Snail Container House Accessories Reptile Terrarium Insect Enclosure…

Reptile enclosure insect terrarium is made of high quality high quality acrylic material for durable use; Eco-friendly, with good transparency, safe for your pets. With ventilation holes on sides and feeding hole on top, which provides sufficient air circulation. And 360 degree transparency to ovserve the behavior of pets easily. Small critter keeper size abou 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.7inches; With feeding bowl, landscape, carpet, tweezers, straws, for easy feeding or care your pets and prevent escape.