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J-star 6 Pcs Aquarium Glass Cover Clip Clear Color Acrylic Aquarium Glass Cover Holder, Aquarium Top Cover Bracket 6mm

Made of high-quality acrylic material, high transparency, beautiful and durable for a long time to use. A variety of specifications meet different fish tank glass thickness, suitable for fish tanks or pet boxes that need to be covered. The aquarium lid clips can be directly hung on the side of the fish tank, and equipment such as aquarium lights, filters, and fish tank covers can be placed on the bracket.

J-star Medium Fish Tank Isolation Box Acrylic Cage Tank Betta Fish Nest, Aquarium Acclimation Hatchery Incubator for…

The breeder box can be used as spawning box for betta, guppy, etc. The fish isolation box can prevent small fish from attacking and improve the survival rate of fish. High-quality transparent materials, durable. Can safely and reliably breed, isolate or adapt to fish. Crystal transparent body. It's easy to observe the females giving birth. Space-saving and can float automatically, this acrylic isolation box can be fixed on the aquarium wall by suction cup. The two-level combination does not take up space.