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Kordon (2 Pack) Rid Ich Plus #37656-16oz.

A mix of two highly effective medicines which have been scientifically confirmed efficient within the management of exterior parasites similar

KORDON #31052 Pond Rid Ich- 1 GALLON ONLY

Kordon pond rid ich gallon It will color the water and should not be used with any other medication Good for freshwater and saltwater ponds

KORDON #31086 Pond Ich Attack Liquid for Aquarium, 16-Ounce

100-percent Organic Herbals Based On Naphthoquinones Helps Prevent And Treat Single-Celled External Fish Diseases Safe For Use With Aquatic Invertebrates Does Not Require Water Changes Between Treatments

KORDON #37611 Rid Ich for Aquarium, 1-Ounce

Kordon rid ich 1oz A combination of two powerful medications It has been scientifically proven effective in the control of external parasites

KORDON #39446 100% Natural and Herbal Formula Ich Attack-Ich Treatment for Aquarium, 16-Ounce

100% Organic Herbals based on Naphthoquinones Helps prevent and treat Single-Celled External Fish Diseases For Fresh and Saltwater Aquarium and Pond Conditions

KORDON #63150 Coral Sea Hydrometer

Accurate readings every time Easy to use & maintain Ideal for use in water 68° to 85° (20°-30°C)

Kordon Methylene Blue Disease Preventative – Safe for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums, Prevents Fungal Infections…

Kordon methylene blue 4oz Methylene blue is effective against superficial fungal infections of fishes The drug may be used as an alternative to malachite green for the control of fungus

OASIS #80257 Vita Drops for Small Birds, 2- ounce liquid multivitamin

Premium Quality High Potency Multivitamins Focus-Formula for Small Birds Suitable for parakeets (budgies), canaries and finches