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Marvellous Salinity Refractometer Saltwater Aquarium for Seawater Pool Marine Fishkeeping 0-10% Salinity Tester with ATC…

Measuring Range: Salinity refractometer with 0~10% salinity and 0.01% scale, easier and more accurate measurement, real-time and reliable measurement of aqueous solution makes it easier and faster for you to get accurate readings Wide Range of Applications: Aquarium refractometers can be used to quickly and accurately measure the salinity of salt water, ideal for agricultural, industrial and research applications such as mariculture, fish farming, aquariums, marine surveys, water quality monitoring, salt production, saline manufacturing, food Salinity measurement processing, etc Simple to Use: Adjust the focus by turning the handle of the saline refractometer, the rubber handle is compact and can be adjusted when the scale is not visible, the soft and flexible eyepiece increases comfort and gives you a comfortable viewing experience