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MYGIIKAKA Reptile Drinking Water Fountain Chameleon Accessories Automatic Circulation System with Trough, Bearded Dragon…

MYGIIKAKA chameleon reptile water drinking fountain has the characteristics of low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. The automatic circulation system creates living water for your lizards and other crawling pets, attracting lizards to drink actively. Comes with feeding trough. 【Waterfall Reptile Habitat】Our chameleon accessories drinking fountain adopts a waterfall style outlet design, which simulates the image of living water in the wild fully and put your lizard in the wild. The adjustment button can adjust the size of the water flow by yourself. 【Double Filtration System】The activated carbon filter cotton and the PP rain forest partition have a double filtration effect, which can filter impurities in the water and provide high-quality water for lizards and other reptiles.

MYGIIKAKA Reptile Fogger Automatic Reptile Mister Fogger for Terrarium, Timed Reptile Humidifiers for Chameleon/Lizard…

MYGIIKAKA reptile fogger using intelligent spray system, the soft and delicate spray creates a tropical rainforest atmosphere, allowing your reptiles and plants to return to nature. 【High Density Atomization】Our reptile mister has two 360° adjustable nozzles, using them can add humidity to your terrarium in all directions and quickly. Note: The spray effect is water mist particles rather than mist. 【Intelligent Circulation Reptile Misting System】The Automatic spray cycle system of our reptile humidifiers allows you to take care of your reptiles during work and vacation.