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Dried grubs for Chicken -Alternative to Dried mealworms for Chickens-Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Laying hens…

CHICKENS GO CRAZY FOR THEM- It`s chickens` natural instinct to scratch for worms. So simply scatter the dried larva treats on the ground. Your flock party will run for them. Ducks, goose, quails, pigeons, turtles, bearded dragons, turkeys, hamsters love to eat grubs treats as well. RELIABLE PET TREATS-Our soldier fly larvae are raised on certified farm on traceable pre-consumed food waste with probiotics, dried in microwave vacuum dryer and packed with in hygienic conditions to retain a superior fresh and crispy flavor, aroma and nutrients for our beloved pets: around 45% crude protein, 30% healthy fat, phosphorus, fiber lysine etc. STRONGER EGGSHELLS&MORE EGGS-Our affordable black soldier fly larvae treats with rich protein would help to build healthy layer body and drive higher egg productivity. Dried larva with rich chitin and more calcium than mealworm for laying hens would help promote stronger eggshells.