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Safety Tie Injuries Preventing Horse Tether Tie – Portable & Reusable Breakaway Horse Tie – Safety for You & Your Horse…

MINIMIZES THE RISK OF HORSE INJURY: Safety Tie is the one-stop solution to protect horses from unexpected accidents and severe injuries with help of horse tether tie. When a sudden, forceful, pull is applied the horse tie breaks open allowing for a quick release. This can protect you, your horse and your property from unwanted damage. PORTABLE & REUSABLE: The design of this safety horse tie is unique and ergonomic. It is small - therefore easy to carry, and durable – so you can use it for a long time. It takes more than just the right lead rope, horse tie knots or human activated horse safety release to tie up a horse safely. STRONG & STURDY HORSE TRAILER TIE: Safety Tie horse tie clip is extremely strong and durable but even when tying up a horse using Safety horse tie, you will still need to find a solid post, wall or other firmly anchored object which will not break away before the horse safety release does.