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Salifert Alkalinity Calcium Magnesium Combo Test Kit

Salifert aquarium water take a look at kits are the epitome of accuracy and precision. Their big selection of accessible

Salifert AMPT Ammonia Test Kit

Fast, easy, and accurate Kit includes test vial, measuring syringe, and reagent Approximately 50 tests per kit

Salifert Calcium (Ca) Test Kit – 50 to 100 Tests

The calcium test kit provides for accurate calcium levels The calcium test kit can perform up to 100 tests The calcium tests is capable in resolving calcium contents

Salifert NIPT Nitrite Test Kit

Because of its unique formulation, the Salifert Test Kit does not suffer from amine interference, and offers full color development within one minute The test kit has two different scales: an ultra-low scale for nitrite-nitrogen which ranges from 0.002 - 0.12 mg/L, and a medium scale for nitrite-nitrogen which ranges from 0.02 - 1.2 mg/L Sufficient for up 50 tests

Salifert Nitrate Test Kit

The nitrate test kit provides fast and precise nitrate measurements The nitrate test kit can perform up to 60 tests The nitrate test kit comes with reagents analytic, grade glass vials, and a calorimetric comparator

Salifert pH Test Kit

The pH test kit provides accurate pH fluctuations The pH test kit can perform up to 50 tests The pH test monitors the pH and provides an effective alkalinity

Salifert Phosphate Test Kit

The phosphate test kit will detect lower concentrations of phosphates The phosphate test is highly reliable and accurate The phosphate test kit includes a professional colorimetric comparator