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SMART EGG Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb Light, Basking Spot Daylight Heat Lamp 2 Pack for Lizard Tortoise Bearded Dragon…

Reptile Light 2 Set: 4.3in height and 3.1in diameter. 120 V white 100 Watt high heat efficiency infrared basking light will warm reptiles very quickly and increase the ambient air temperature in the terrarium. Fits for reptiles or amphibians: This basking spot heat bulb fits for the pet, such as tortoise, snake, chick, lizard, spider, chameleon, turtle, all reptiles and amphibians. Improve your reptiles' Living Home: Since this UVA heat Bulb could simulate the natural light spectrum, increase pet appetite and helps digest food. Make reptiles more active and create a comfortable environment for your pets.