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Synra Rabbit Deodorizer, Pet Litter and Animal Odor Controller, Unscented Bamboo Charcoal, Purifier and Moisture…

Makes pet parents' homes smell fresh all the time --- Animals have a distinct smell that sensitive guests may find foul. Having Rabbit Deodorizer by Synra in your home will not make you worry about this concern anymore. It's a pair of Unscented Bamboo Charcoal Purifier that draws in unwanted odor from your bunnies, dogs, cats, and other pets, whether the scent comes from their coat or the food they eat. Gets rid of the unpleasant odor of your fur babies' surroundings --- Our purifier features a unique technology that takes away odor and controls moisture that can be a source of foul smell. It completely wipes out the unpleasant scent by masking them without using fragrances. It doesn't contain any content that can cause adverse effects on your fur babies. It works well with your pet's litter box, food bowl, bin, bed napping area, and other places he frequently visits. Versatile and powerful freshener --- Synra Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer is a powerful odor deodorizer that you can utilize in many ways. It expels smell from wet sports gear like shoes, boxing gloves, gym bags, etc. As a home freshener, you can place them inside your cupboards, garage, wardrobe closet, cabinets, drawers, luggage, and many more.