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So many reptile lovers envision a terrarium or cage stuffed with vegetation and branches and a “household” of chameleons (or most some other lizards, geckos, and many others) all dwelling collectively in peace and concord. How unimaginable would such an surroundings be?!

The reality about reptiles, compared to human households and even different pets like canines and cats, is that reptiles don’t actually dwell as “household items” and even in teams. Reptiles, albeit for some very uncommon exceptions, are largely solitary creatures. Sadly, chameleons are usually not animals that may dwell collectively or be housed in the identical enclosure.

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Can Extra Than One Chameleon Be Saved Collectively?

Chameleons ought to by no means be housed collectively, particularly if they’ve reached sexual maturity. Two (or extra) chameleons saved collectively, even of the identical species or one male and a number of females, shall be a continuing supply of stress to at least one one other; they’ll could have disputes over meals, basking areas, territory and the will / aversion to mating.

There’s one factor that can sabotage any success you might need in retaining a chameleon; and that factor is STRESS!

Stress Hampers Well being
Stress Shortens Lifespan
Stress Kills

All this stress and fight will lead to accidents and most often dying. A chameleon keeper that places the wants and well being of their chameleons first, will all the time preserve solitary animals.

Do Chameleons Dwell Collectively within the Wild?

No, chameleons are solitary creatures even within the wild. Chameleons will search one another out to discover a breeding companion and to mate and go their separate methods after the encounter. Even throughout this transient courtship and whereas breeding women and men will combat, chew, scratch and stress one another to the purpose of exhaustion.

Female and male chameleons parting methods after breeding permits them to heal, chill out and calm themselves from the stress of the interplay. Replica takes a heavy toll on feminine chameleon our bodies and the stress of a persistent or “tough” male is simply an excessive amount of for many females to cope with.

Chameleons can also cross paths as they’re in pursuit of a mate or whereas looking for meals. These interactions, which may be two males, two females or any mixture of the 2 may be simply as irritating as mating. Many chameleons will fiercely defend their meals or territory.

These battles normally consequence within the loser retreating to security, a really laborious (not possible) factor to do within the confines of even the most important of enclosures.

The “loser” isn’t the one one which suffers from its defeat; even the victor is careworn from the need of defending its turf and in sustaining that superiority. There isn’t any getting away from the stress of interactions; the loser, the winner, the mate -all endure from stress.

EVERYONE that has any expertise with caring for chameleons will let you know that STRESS KILLS CHAMELEONS!

Can Completely different Chameleon Species Be Saved Collectively?

Irrespective of the species, panther chameleons, Parson’s chameleons, Senegal chameleons, Jackson’s chameleons, veiled chameleons, and many others can’t be saved collectively.

*the one or two (possibly) exceptions to this rule is perhaps some pgymy or dwarf chameleons that do appear to get alongside in small communities when sufficient area is current within the habitat -though that is one thing properly past the inexperienced chameleon keeper

Well-liked, medium to massive measurement chameleons species like these listed above don’t do properly when cohabitating. All the identical stressors are current as when female and male or male/male pairs of the identical species are housed collectively.

Whereas many of those chameleons may be seen as tolerant of some dealing with or publicity to us people, they actually do grow to be fairly aggressive when confronted by one other chameleon, no matter species or gender. Even reflections in glass enclosures or a close-by mirror could cause aggression and stress!

Can Chameleon Enclosures Be Saved Subsequent to One One other?

As talked about earlier, even a mirrored image could cause quite a lot of stress or trigger a chameleon to behave aggressively. So, even when housed individually, chameleons ought to have obstacles or partitions between enclosures in order to not give a ‘direct line of sight’ to chameleon neighbors.

This sight-line barrier applies to each male/feminine neighbors because it does to chameleons of any species or intercourse. With a purpose to present a low stress surroundings in your chameleons, using this partition/barrier technique for a number of chameleon enclosures works wonders in decreasing the potential for stress.

Animalstuffstore Can-male-and-female-chameleons-live-together-1024x683 Can Chameleons Dwell Collectively? | Reptile Roommate Reptile

Can Male and Feminine Chameleons Be Saved Collectively; How Are They Alleged to Breed?

Sure, chameleons do must spend a while collectively to be able to mate and ultimately reproduce. Nevertheless, like with most reptiles, there isn’t some form of relationship or bond that’s fashioned in the course of the courting interval.

Can Male and Feminine Chameleons Dwell Collectively?

Chameleons don’t dwell collectively as household items or as pairs within the wild; chameleons are solitary creatures. Regardless that female and male chameleons do spend a while collectively when making an attempt to mate, they may nonetheless find yourself preventing due to meals, basking spots, and undesirable sexual advances. All this stuff trigger stress and shall be detrimental to your chameleon’s well being.

Can Chameleons Be Saved Collectively When Breeding?

Throughout breeding will probably be essential to preserve each your female and male chameleons collectively to ensure that them to mate. Throughout this time males will show, typically aggressively, to be able to ‘entice’ a feminine and to show that they’re an appropriate mate.

The courting show and precise breeding (if the feminine is receptive) may be fairly irritating. It many instances includes aggressive posturing, pushing, shoving and even biting. Within the wild when a male chameleon finds a receptive feminine, they may mate after which half methods shortly after.

Likewise, the earlier that your chameleons may be separated after mating, the higher off for each the female and male! Confused from the mating course of a feminine chameleon desperately wants time and a safe stress-free surroundings to get well.

Not solely that, being pregnant could be very irritating in and of itself, and the earlier {that a} male may be faraway from the enclosure the earlier that the feminine can collect the energy wanted to hold her offspring.

So, sure chameleons do must spend a while collectively to be able to breed however this time should be monitored and as soon as breeding is achieved, they two chameleons must be separated as soon as once more.

The Massive Lie / Phantasm of Social Media and Chameleons

Look laborious sufficient (sadly it isn’t laborious in any respect) and also you’ll discover somebody on TikTok or YouTube showcasing their “unimaginable” chameleon setup and the way they preserve quite a few chameleons collectively and so they all get alongside completely.

Nicely, similar to every thing on social media, nothing is strictly as it’s portrayed. Simply since you see a two or three minute video or some photos of the supposed joyful household doesn’t imply it’s actuality!

Even when your favourite social media star is LUCKY sufficient to maintain multiple chameleon collectively for an prolonged interval, it’s solely a matter of time earlier than issues deteriorate; and they’re going to deteriorate.

Protecting a chameleon shouldn’t be a contest or achievement of ‘what can I get away with doing’ relatively it needs to be concerning the well being and the animal’s wants over our personal wishes.

However My Pet Retailer / Breeder Retains A Bunch of Infants Collectively?

Proper off the bat I’ll say that “pet shops” are NEVER an instance of what to do or how one can preserve any animal! even probably the most caring and cautious pet shops / breeders have a backside line; and that line is to earn money. Whereas being profitable, there’s a price evaluation accomplished to find out absolute wants and what can ‘be gotten away with’ till animals are offered into new houses.

The housing lodging in pet shops and at breeders are non permanent and largely concern very younger chameleons that aren’t but very huge and haven’t reached sexual maturity. Child chameleons are sometimes saved in small teams the place they’re watched over and taken care of with a cautious eye.

Being so small and with out going by means of sexual maturation, infants are likely to pose a lot much less threat to one another than even reasonably aged chameleons. That mentioned, even retaining child chameleons in small teams is a really non permanent scenario.

Can Chameleons Be Saved with Different Reptiles?

Once more, sadly for some, chameleons can’t and shouldn’t be housed with some other animals, reptile or not.

Different species of reptiles would both stress your chameleon by encroaching on their territory, performing aggressively in direction of your chameleon, competing for meals, and even changing into meals for you chameleon.

Any manner you narrow it, chameleons are finest saved as solitary animals!

Animalstuffstore Can-chameleons-live-with-other-reptiles-1024x683 Can Chameleons Dwell Collectively? | Reptile Roommate Reptile

You Don’t Simply Need Your Chameleon to Simply Survive, You Need it to THRIVE!

All pet homeowners, aquarists, reptile keepers, canine/cat lovers all of us ought to have one focus; placing our animals first!

A part of retaining chameleons (any many different reptiles) necessitates that we preserve them as singular people; every in their very own separate surroundings. It’s fundamental requirement of retaining a cheerful and wholesome chameleon.

There are a lot of that permit their need to “preserve what they wish to preserve” and “how they wish to preserve them” that they lose sight of what’s finest for the animal in an effort to fulfill their want. …and each time these individuals will ultimately wrestle to take care of the well being of their animals.

There’s no level in retaining chameleon(s) simply to attempt to preserve it ‘alive’. As an alternative why not attempt to create the perfect residence you can (and that features housing them singularly) in order that your chameleon can actually THRIVE!!

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