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There’s a large distinction within the potential to swim and making an attempt to “swim” as a result of one’s life is in peril. It’s sort of like saying that “fish can stroll on land,” when you name flopping round and flipping about so as to try to get again into the water, “strolling!”

Briefly, chameleons will try to swim so as to save their lives (in the event that they fall right into a stream, river, lake, and many others) nevertheless their potential to take action is sort of poor.

Once more, a “swimming” chameleon is preventing for its life!

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Can Chameleons Breathe Underwater?

Completely not! Chameleons can not breathe underwater nor can they simply preserve their heads above water that’s deeper than they’ll stand in.

Do Chameleons Go In Water?

Most chameleons are arboreal, which means that they dwell their lives within the bushes, not often leaving the cover; even avoiding the bottom. 

Apart from a number of species of chameleons, just like the Namaqua chameleon which is a ground-dwelling lizard from Africa, chameleons are tree-dwellers. 

Chameleons are ‘constructed’ for all times within the bushes; their prehensile tails and mitten-like toes are completely suited to climbing and crawling alongside branches above the forest ground!

As such, chameleons should not ‘effectively constructed’ for water. Chameleons do are likely to float however they wrestle desperately, transferring their tiny legs in an effort to navigate by means of the water. Chameleons are very (emphasis on the VERY) poor ‘swimmers!’

Since chameleons should not adept swimmers and the truth that they get all of the water and moisture that they require from the leaves and progress within the tree cover, chameleons are likely to keep away from volumes of water altogether.

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Do Chameleons Like Baths? Do I Must Bathe My Chameleon?

The brief reply to each of these questions is, no. 

Chameleons don’t want, nor do they like baths. As mentioned beforehand, an animal that can’t swim and avoids water within the wild, has no want for baths or bathing in captivity.

“However I wash my canine?” Otherwise you may say, “my birds LOVE once I allow them to take a bathe!” Showering and bathing may be nice (is nice) for your self or your different pets, nevertheless it’s simply not acceptable to your chameleon!

How Do Chameleons Maintain Clear Then?

Chameleons, like all reptiles, shed. Shedding is an incredible course of by means of which reptiles take away and discard their previous, lifeless pores and skin by rubbing and peeling it off their whole our bodies!

The one factor about chameleons that hobbyists needs to be diligently cleaning are their chameleons’ enclosures.

Do Chameleons Want / Prefer to Soak in Water?

Chameleons, like all reptiles, shed their previous, lifeless, drying pores and skin. A necessity for a reptile’s shed to achieve success is correct humidity ranges. Moisture within the air and the surroundings will assist your chameleon shed its pores and skin simply.

So chameleon keepers might discover stuck-shed or they see that their chameleon’s shedding course of will not be going easily and might imagine (or be suggested to) soak their chameleon in an effort to assist with shedding. This isn’t suggested!

It’s possible you’ll even see this “recommendation” being given by a veterinarian who may declare that showering, soaking or misting your chameleon will one way or the other assist it shed correctly or preserve it from changing into dehydrated. With the very uncommon exception of a dire emergency dehydration case, this will not be good follow!

Animalstuffstore bad-advice-from-veterinarian-1024x683 Can Chameleons Swim? | Chameleons and Water Reptile

Getting your chameleon moist or soaking it doesn’t assist it shed, in reality it may possibly do the other. Secondly, showering a chameleon with water, soaking it, or typically even misting a chameleon instantly onto its physique could cause stress.

Chameleons are simply harassed animals. Stress can (and does) hurt and even can kill your chameleon. A chameleon that sits near its misting system or permits water to drip on its physique is utterly completely different from you or I spraying it or soaking it in water. 

The overwhelming majority of chameleons won’t even drink from standing water. As an alternative they lick dew from leaves or drink drops of water that fall in and among the many bushes. 

Chameleons do what they’ll to keep away from water.

Can Veiled Chameleons Go In Water?

Veiled chameleons, a medium-sized (18-24”) chameleon that’s widespread amongst reptile hobbyists, doesn’t like to enter water. 

It’s a disgrace however you’ll discover movies and discussion board posts from “caring and loving” (discover the citation marks) chameleon house owners that may insist their chameleon loves water/takes baths/loves being sprayed/and many others, and many others. 

If these people have been truly loving, caring and educated chameleon keepers they’d know that stress kills chameleons and that these actions are instantly dangerous, or on the very least, stress their chameleons.


As chameleon keepers we must be caretakers; offering for our chameleon’s wants and sustaining an surroundings that’s the least irritating for these unimaginable creatures!

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