Cuban False Chameleon Food regimen; What Do False Chameleons Eat?

Animalstuffstore false-chameleon-diet Cuban False Chameleon Food regimen; What Do False Chameleons Eat? Reptile

False chameleons, Cuban false chameleons or bearded anoles; no matter you name these unimaginable little lizards they’re identified for diets that include principally snails and a few small bugs, particularly within the wild.

False chameleons are specialised snail eaters which can be ready to make use of their highly effective jaws to interrupt open a snail’s shell as a way to eat the meaty flesh trapped inside! Within the wild false chameleons will eat a majority of their food plan by looking down snails and devouring them.

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Find out how to Feed a False Chameleon

Snails, snails and extra snails

Bearded anoles are molluscivores; nearly all of their vitamin comes from consuming snails and slugs. Although they do want snails false chameleons may even eat a wide range of bugs which helps complement their food plan.

In captivity it is very important attempt to present your false chameleon with a food plan that carefully tries to duplicate the food plan that it eats in nature. Many pet shops and even aquarium shops promote any variety of forms of snails that may be supplied to your false chameleon.

Breeding your individual snail can also be one thing that many bearded anole keepers, and particularly breeders, do to maintain an countless provide of snails prepared for the “buffet line!”

I like to offer my false chameleons with reside snails that they’ll ‘hunt’ and use their jaws to crack the shell and eat the flesh. Nonetheless, a product like Zoo Meds Can O’ Snails can be utilized to offer nourishment as properly. Can O’ Snails are small tins stuffed with shelled snails that may be conveniently fed to your false chameleon with ease!

Bugs Are Nice Too

False chameleons may even readily eat a wide range of bugs so you’ll be able to complement their food plan by offering a number of of the next bugs;

  • Crickets
  • Grasshoppers/Locusts
  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Hornworms
  • Silkworms
  • and so on

False chameleons could be fed snails a few occasions per week and the remainder of the times, their food plan could be supplemented by offering a couple of calcium/vitamin dusted crickets (or any of the above) 2 to three occasions per week.


Offering water and hydration is extraordinarily vital in sustaining a Cuban false chameleon’s well being. False chameleons will soften drink out of water bowls nonetheless, many won’t get ample hydration from their water consumption from a dish/bowl.

Most false chameleon keepers present some type of mist or drip system that permits for slow-moving water to circulation throughout branches or leaves within the enclosure. This type of “pure circulation” actually encourages Cuban false chameleons to drink and preserve correct hydration.

Final Minute Feeding Ideas

  • Snail shells which can be too giant or too powerful to your bearded anole to crack; could be cracked or damaged with a small hammer or mallet previous to placing into its enclosure.
  • Wild caught snails and bugs can current some points like parasites and chemical/pesticide publicity. Guarantee that the meals you feed your Cuban false chameleon is each nutritious and parasite/chemical free.
  • Attempt to take away any uneaten meals; snail and bug components/items in addition to any reside bugs that aren’t consumed whereas beneath your supervision. Surprisingly, crickets and locust can injure or stress your bearded anole.

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