Dos and Don’ts of Giving Your Cat Human Meals Treats

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Whereas there are some cats who shun folks meals, most cats will present up at dinnertime, hoping for a style or two of what you’re having. And there’s (nearly) nothing incorrect with giving your cat the occasional deal with off your plate, or giving them a style of what you’re cooking. Simply comply with these dos and don’ts to ensure you’re giving your cat human meals treats which are not less than somewhat wholesome and never dangerous.


  • management parts. Keep in mind that your cat weighs solely about 5-10% of what you weigh. And treats ought to solely be a tiny proportion of their every day meals consumption. So measure out what you give them accordingly. A tiny little bit of meat or a shred or two of scrambled egg is sufficient for a deal with.
  • supply vegatables and fruits. Some cats really like them! Though cats can’t style candy, there are different features of fruits they could discover interesting. And in case your cat enjoys chewing on grass, they could additionally like veggies. Greens and fruit which are acceptable to share along with your cat embrace broccoli, inexperienced beans, peas, spinach, carrots, watermelon, blueberries, cantaloupe — and banana! I really like cantaloupe and a few greens.
  • give a tiny little bit of arduous cheese. Though cats are lactose illiberal, an occasional teensy little bit of one thing like cheddar or gouda is okay.
  • let your cat have a style of bread or grains. Somewhat little bit of bread, rice or unsweetened oatmeal might enchantment to your cat.
  • be sure that any sizzling meals is cooled off to a snug temperature earlier than giving it to your cat. If it’s too sizzling for you, it’s positively too sizzling in your cat.


  • give your cat extremely seasoned or spiced meals. That is all the time a difficulty at my home, since my human loves garlic and onions, that are two issues cats ought to by no means have. Virtually every part she eats has these in them! When you’re the identical method, put together somewhat little bit of the dish in your cat earlier than including the spices, onion and garlic.
  • Salty meals are a no-no too. As a result of cats are small, they’ll extra simply get sodium poisoning from issues like potato chips or popcorn. (Though a kernel of plain popped popcorn is okay in your cat to munch on.)
  • supply your cats candy treats like sweet, cake or cookies. They’re not good for you both! However even should you do indulge often, any sweets are simply an excessive amount of in your cat. And naturally, by no means ever give your cat something with chocolate or nuts in it. These are poisonous.
  • give your cat business ice cream. Along with having lactose which doesn’t agree with kitty digestion, business ice cream comprises propylene glycol. That’s a kind of antifreeze that’s protected for human consumption, nevertheless it’s nonetheless unhealthy for cats, who’re extraordinarily delicate to this compound. A small lick of do-it-yourself ice cream or a style of plain low-fat yogurt could be a greater thought.
  • give your cat meat on the bone. Bones can splinter and puncture your cat’s abdomen or intestines. Any meat that was connected to a bone ought to be completely examined earlier than handing it over to your cat to verify no bone fragments are nonetheless there. This additionally goes for fish, which regularly has tiny, sharp bones which are tougher to search out. The one exception is sardines, which come out of the tin with mushy bones.
  • give your cat all of the tuna water from the can. A tiny bit is usually a very occasional deal with, however tuna meant for people shouldn’t be actually good for cats, and something greater than somewhat sip or lick shouldn’t be wholesome for them.
  • give your cat uncooked dough. Whereas bread is okay, dough with energetic yeast in it’s a hazard in your cat. Additionally don’t give bread or bagels which are coated in seeds, nuts and/or onions. My human adores that form of bread, which suggests I by no means get any right here.

The checklist of meals that ought to by no means be fed to your cat is fairly lengthy, and the ASPCA has some good info here, together with the quantity to their poison management heart.

Animalstuffstore Summer011923bDSC06456 Dos and Don’ts of Giving Your Cat Human Meals Treats Cat

The underside line is that in case your cat needs a few of what you’ve acquired, it’s okay so long as it’s meat with no spices, the veggies and fruits listed, and really tiny parts of issues like arduous cheese and plain bread. However bear in mind, cats are obligate carnivores, and their eating regimen ought to be 95% meat protein. In the long term, the perfect treats for cats are freeze dried meats and organs which are readily available in shops. And should you slip your cat a few of these as a substitute of no matter is sitting in your plate, 99% of them might be happier.

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