Exterior Portraits (and a Video)

Animalstuffstore SummerFB042423aDSC09513 Exterior Portraits (and a Video) Cat

You bear in mind how weedy and overgrown my yard was when I showed you the other day, proper? However surprisingly, my human did discover a spot untouched by the mess and it was excellent for some portraits.

Animalstuffstore Summer042423bDSC09512 Exterior Portraits (and a Video) Cat

My human simply kind of let me do my factor, which included letting me watch no matter birds had been round.

Animalstuffstore Summer042423cDSC09501 Exterior Portraits (and a Video) Cat

She additionally went in for some nearer portraits of me.

Animalstuffstore Summer042423dDSC09507 Exterior Portraits (and a Video) Cat

The lighting and background had been good sufficient for a doable calendar cowl shot, so my human took a couple of photographs with the right orientation for that. I’m not sharing them right here, however I did share a pair with my patrons on Patreon. If you wish to discover out extra about what I’ve on Patreon, you can go here and check it out. It’s nonetheless within the early phases, however up to now, it’s fairly cool!

Animalstuffstore Summer042423eDSC09496 Exterior Portraits (and a Video) Cat

Finally I went again to birdie watching. My human additionally shot kind of a vlog type Wanting our time exterior, so you may get a much bigger view of the yard and watch me doing a bit bell ringing observe:

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