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[Upgrade] WiFi Control Automatic Fish Feeder with APP Lychee Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder, WiFi Control Auto Fish Food…

✅★2.4 GHz Wifi Control : This Auto Fish feeder easy to use app allows you to feed your fish no matter where you are, easy setup and installation ensure you never miss a feeding due to holiday or busy weekends. Any problem pls contact customer service. ✅★Powerful Timer Functions : Various flexible timer functions can be set by app, it allows you to feed regularly by week or day,accurate timing and quantitative feeding. ✅★Support Voice Command : Find out the mic marker on APP,say to it and it will turn on the adjustable food outlet to feed your fish(support more than 16 languages).And 10 languages manual include in the package.

11.8 Inch Shrimp Feeding Tube with Shrimp Feeding Dish,Shrimp Feeding Bowl with Suction Cup,Feeding Tube Cleaning Brush,Aquarium Feeder with Bulb,Feeding Ring,Aquarium Sucker Feeding clamp,Fish net

The Shrimp Feeding Tube and Dish kit contains:1pcs 11.8 Inch shrimp feeding tube,1pcs shrimp feeding dishe,1pcs shrimp feeding bowl with suction cup,1pcs shrimp feeding tube cleaning brush,1pcs shrimp and fish feeder with bulb,1pcs fish feeding ring,1pcs aquarium sucker feeding clamp and 1pcs shrimp and fish net 【1pcs 11.8 Inch shrimp feeding tube,1pcs shrimp feeding dishe and 1pcs shrimp feeding bowl with suction cup】The shrimp feeding tray is placed directly under the shrimp feeding tube. You can put the shrimp food into the shrimp feeding tube, and the shrimp food will slowly fall into the shrimp feeding tray. If the tank is taller, you can use a shrimp feeding tray with a suction cup just below the shrimp feeding tube. 【1 aquarium feeder with bulb,1 fish feeding ring,1 plastic aquarium sucker feeding clamp】The aquarium feeding with bulb can be used to suck up the shrimp food and then spray it into the bottom of the fish tank to feed the shrimp, or you can use the straw to absorb fish and shrimp excrement or excess food. Suspended fish and shrimp food can be put into the suspension feeding circle. Plastic aquarium feeding clips can be used to hold spinachfor feeding fish and shrimp

2 in 1 Food Hay Feeder for Guinea Pig, Rabbit Feeder, Indoor Hay Feeder for Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Feeder Bowls…

Perfect Hay Feeder - This is a feeder designed for small animals like Guinea Pig, Rabbit, etc.The feeder’s upper layer is a grass rack,and the lower layer is a food bowl ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs or other small animals Safer Raw Materials - This hay feeder uses high quality material to ensure your pet baby has a durable, long-lasting feeder Humanized Design - The edge of its lower layer is covered by stainless steel, which effectively prevents small animals from biting it. Also, the grass rack is removable so that you can easily clean it

2 Pcs Fish Feeding Ring, Fish Safe Floating Food Feeder Circle Blue, with Suction Cup Easy to Install Aquarium, Square…

【NO LONGER WORRY】 - Feed the fish no longer need to turn off the skimmer pump, Put food in the circle, the fish the fish will eat in own plate, fish Don't need to chase food everywhere,Improve feeding efficiency,Reduce fish food waste. 【REASONABLE DESIGN】 - Suction cup suspension, Rotating device, Floating design, When the water level rises or falls, otating rod Repositioning with the water level, buoyant sponge is embedded in the bottom, Fish feeding ring Always keep floating above the water. 【SAFE FOR FISH】- carefully selected materials, longer lasting adsorption force Transparent suction cup, Environmentally safe plastics, Non-toxic and odorless, No pollution to water, Not harmful to all aquatic pets.

2 Pieces Aquarium Coral Feeder with 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Feeding Long Tweezers Syringe Spot Coral Feeder Reptile…

Aquarium feeding set: the package includes 2 pieces coral feeder tubes in different sizes, easy to fit your different needs, and 2 pieces straight and curved tweezers, nice combination for feeding your little pets in the water; The stainless steel straight and curved tweezers can both feed and clean up the mess inside the fish tank Reliable material and easy to use: made of quality plastic and rubber material, the coral spot feeder is safe for fish and corals, clearly printed with 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 40ml and 50ml measurements for easy to read, ensuring that you know how much you are dispensing and prevents overfeeding; While the aquarium feeding tweezers are made of stainless steel with coating, durable and not easy to be rusted under water Long to keeps hands dry: the size of coral feeder is approx. 11.2 inch/ 28.5 cm, and the other one is approx 17.7 inch/ 45 cm long, helping you arrive at deep and hard-to-reach area, you can feed liquid food to corals, and the tweezers are approx. 10.62 inch/ 27 cm in length, they are good and practical tools for aquarium plants or reptiles

2 Pieces Coral Feeder SPS HPS Feeder 35 cm and 25 cm Long Acrylic Marine Fish Reef Feeding Tool Accurate Coral Spot…

Package contents: you can have a 35 cm and a 25 cm feeding tube, 35 cm is long enough length to arrive at deep and hard-to-reach area, different lengths can meet your different needs Quality and fish safe material: made of quality acrylic and rubber material, the sps feeder is safe for fish and corals, easy to clean, not easily get broken as glass and has long service time Simple, safe and clean to feed: with this acrylic coral feeding stick whose soft rubber suction does no harm to coral and fish, you can feed liquid phytoplankton to corals or other aquatic animals, which is easy to control and allows you to directly feed your filter feeders and timid fish while preventing your hands from getting wet

2 Pieces Coral Spot Feeder Tube Long Acrylic Marine Fish Reef Feeding Tool and 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Straight and…

Sufficient quantity: providing you with 2 pieces of coral spot feeder tubes in 30 cm, 35 cm, various sizes for you to avoid getting your hands wet, together with 2 pieces of tweezers in straight and curved size, easy to match with your different needs Safe to use: made of quality acrylic and rubber material, the reef feeding tool is safe for fish and corals, easy to clean, and the soft handle makes it comfortable to grasp, can serve you for a long time; While the aquarium feeding serving tongs are made of stainless steel with black coating, durable and rust-resistant, doing no harm to your pets and plants Practical design: there is some serrated tips designed on the curved tweezers, making it easy for you to pick up small objects like small stones, worms, and the non-slip handle helps you to keep the small objects firmly, very practical to use

2 Pieces Guinea Pig Hay Bag Rabbit Feeding Bag Small Animal Hay Feeder Bag Hanging Feeder Sack Storage with 2 Holes for…

Package include: the package contains 2 pieces rabbit hay feeder bags, which is not easy to get dirty, reusable and washable, you can often wash them to keep clean, nice set to meet your small pet's daily need Applicable objects: these hanging feeder sacks are suitable for most small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs, pet pigs and so on, useful tool for feeding your small pets Easy to use: the hay feeder storage is made of quality nylon material, which can prevent the bag from being bitten by your pets, and it features reinforced stitching and good workmanship, durable and practical that you can use it for a long time

3 Pcs Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs, Reptile Feeding Tweezers Long Handle Feeder Tools for Fish Aquariums, Reptiles…

Packing: Includes 3 stainless steel feeding pliers, 2 straight tweezers and 1 curved tweezers to meet your needs. Dimensions: straight tweezers 27cm / 10.6 inch; curved tweezers 26.4cm / 10.4 inch. Non-slip design: Straight shank and curved tweezers have serrated tips that help hold the item securely without slipping.

3 Pieces Shrimp Feeding Tube and Dish Set, Include Glass Shrimp Feeding Tube Shrimp Feeder Tube and 2 Aquarium Shrimp…

Quality material: made of glass, this shrimp feeding tube and dish set has certain hardness and can be applied in water for a long time without getting rusted; This set would not do harm to fishes and other aquatic animals, and it would not affect the water, thus you can put it in water with no concern Easy to clean: designed in the shape of a tube, this glass shrimp feeding tube is convenient for you to clean the leftover feeds by rinsing it with soap and water; The aquarium shrimp feeding dish has shallow bottom, which is simple for you to reach its surfaces and clean; With smooth surfaces, the tube and dishes are easy to be cleaned Wide range of use: these shrimp feeder tube and fish tank feeding bowls are ideal for food feeder, and they are not only suitable for feeding fishes, shrimps, and other aquatic animals, but also can be applied in feeding reptiles like lizards, spiders, and so on; This shrimp feeder tube can keep your distance from animals while feeding them, keeping them from being frightened, and protecting your hands from harm

4 Pieces Aquarium Feeding Set Fish Feeding Ring Square and Round Fish Floating Food Feeder with Suction Cup Fish Safe…

A complete set: you will receive 1 piece of square fish food feeder, 1 piece of round aquarium feeder, as well as 2 pieces of betta breeding beds, a total of 4 pieces, a complete and practical set in your daily fish raising time Reliable to use: the betta fish leaf pad is made of silicone and plastic material, which is non-toxic and light in weight, and the leaves will sway with the waves, making it looks realistically; While the floating feeding ring adopts quality rubber and plastic material, non-toxic and safe for your fish Comfortable betta fish leaf pad: use the fish spawning bed hammock to create a warm and comfortable habitat for your betta fish, just place the leaf hammock near the surface of the water in the fish tank, then your betta fish can rest on the leaf pad when they get tired, and play on it as well

andwe Hay Feeder Less Wasted Wooden Food Feeding Rack for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla – Standing Pet-self Feeding Hay…

Less Wasted Hay Mananger - 2 in 1 functional Rabbit Timothy Hay Feeder & Pellets Bottom Tray, the speical design help to less wasted and keep tidy in cage or hutch, it's a recommended solution to reduce hay mess Easy to reach from 4 sides for feed - Due to the special design, your pets can easy to reach hays from 4 sides of the hay rack, your pets such as rabbit, bunny, guinea pigs, chinchillas, they will love to self-feed themselves with hays from this hay dispenser, they also can get hay pellets from the bottom tray andwe Big Volumn Wooden Hay Rack - It's big enough to fill about 0.5lb hay for feeding your rabbits, guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchillas for a day's needs, enrich their chewing time and increase molar time