Quest for the Whistling Warbler – 10,000 Birds

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Sitting fairly as the only real member of the genus Catharopeza, the Whistling Warbler is an oddity in lots of respects. Endemic to a tiny island within the Lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean – St. Vincent – this medium-sized warbler is at the moment listed as Endangered in line with the IUCN. For a fowl threatened as this one is, I had little expectations when visiting St. Vincent a pair weeks in the past. Our time was drastically restricted, so we needed to be fortunate.

Certain sufficient I had been dreaming of a fascinating body of this enigmatic fowl. Not less than a view would already bowl me over – its daring white eye-ring and chest-stripes in opposition to that slaty grayish-blue plumage meant an publicity nightmare for the photographer inside me. As we neared the placement of the fowl’s habitat, a brand new participant entered the sport: the setting. See, the Whistling Warbler loves humid, montane forest; this clearly meant little or no mild to work with. The elevation additionally invited appreciable cloud cowl, which diminished the sunshine even additional.

Agricultural land on the foothills of our vacation spot

However photographing a fowl so occasionally encountered could be a bonus. The stroll into the foothills of the volcanic forest started uneventfully, over benign terrain. As we entered the forest, nonetheless, the gradient started to extend considerably, and a few members of the group opted out.

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An attention-grabbing sight alongside our journey was a Mangrove Cuckoo, not in namesake habitat!

After some scrambling and comparatively steep ascents, we arrived to a clearing inside which we waited for round an hour. Sometimes the journey leaders tried audio playback, however the reply was solely silence. On extra events than I’m able to admit we bought fooled by a Bananaquit or two. Ultimately the hourglass handed its remaining grains of sand; and essentially the most dejected of the group departed first, decided to not capitulate to gravity’s fixed calls for on the treacherous descent.

About midway again to the place we started, fortunes shifted. From the vegetation overhead, the distinctive crescendo of finely whistled notes cascaded on our weary however nonetheless expectant ears like recent, cool water on parched lips. Frenzied whispers and emphatic pointing adopted, huge eyes and open mouths grew to become a typical sight at this level. Above us was actually, a pair of Whistling Warblers – stressed as anticipated, hopping and shimmying alongside skinny, twisted twigs with cocked tails and inquisitive faces. These had been completely different from the birds I had anticipated although. Not a sight of any white eye-ring or breast-stripe. These birds had been wholly brown and in any other case nondescript save for pink legs and that cocked tail.

Initially I used to be dissatisfied, I have to admit. My egocentric purpose was to render this fowl within the excellent pose, in pristine plumage, taking advantage of the little mild (preferrred situations for me), and showcase an endangered species in all its most interesting regalia. Nonetheless, what flitted earlier than us was not this fowl – however one thing arguably far more vital. These had been juveniles. Proof that the Whistling Warbler was rising its inhabitants within the face of habitat loss and volcano eruptions. Moreover, juvenile Whistling Warblers have supposedly by no means been photographed earlier than.

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Whistling Warbler

So, there you may have it. Nature at all times provides you what you want, regardless of what you need. A notable and groundbreaking {photograph}, though it could not win any pictures awards. Purpose to return, positively.

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