The Oriental Dollarbird – 10,000 Birds

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Surprisingly, the Oriental Dollarbird appears to endure a bit from a picture drawback. In any other case, why would eBird name it a “closely constructed, flat-headed darkish blue chicken”, which sounds extra like an outline of a robotic or a chunk of equipment than that of a gorgeous chicken? And albeit, the genus title of Eurystomus, or “wide-mouthed”, doesn’t sound that enticing both …

However it’s a magnificence, the Oriental Dollarbird, in step with among the different members of its household, the Rollers.

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In fact, being lovely (or aspiring to be) additionally means strain. Possibly exacerbated by social media, teenage dollarbird chicks don’t dare to go away the nest till they’ve misplaced weight. In a study performed in Southwestern Japan, dollarbird nestlings first reached a weight of about 160 grams. However presumably because of the risk of fats shaming, they solely left the nest after having reached a closing weight of about 120 grams.

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I suppose that is partly additionally as a result of their foraging type will not be precisely useful to shed some pounds – principally they only sit on some excessive naked tree, go searching, and catch bugs from that submit earlier than returning to it. See the video hyperlinks on the finish of the submit for an illustration of this life-style.

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Some Australian researchers revealed a paper clearly meant to impress potential wives and girlfriends with its cultural allusions: “A summer time and winter’s story: components influencing avian group composition and species abundances in lowland subtropical floodplain forests in central japanese Australia”.

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Whereas the “Winter’s Story” allusion is comparatively generic (a Shakespeare play that won’t impress individuals a lot), the “Summer season’s Story” is a little more attention-grabbing, referring to a 1996 Eric Rohmer comedy drama. I hope the love lifetime of the authors improved after the publication of the paper …

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So, one of many 47 species with seasonal variation in abundance was the Oriental Dollarbird, a summer time customer (as fellow weblog author Clare can attest as properly). In fact, the authors (presumably of their quest to impress their readers) phrased their conclusion on a considerably greater degree “The ecology of avian group meeting in subtropical local weather areas with seasonal and year-to-year variability is advanced and poorly understood” (that means: we’d like extra grants).

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Another paper – in a journal with the attention-grabbing and barely puzzling title “Ecofeminism and Local weather Change” (frankly, the journal title sounds a bit prefer it has been made up by The Onion, nevertheless it appears to be actual so far as I can inform) – seems at how urbanization might drive forest birds to settle in suburban and residential areas in Malaysia, one instance being the Oriental Dollarbird.

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The paper consists of the next sentence which I want had been written by a drunk ChatGPT: “Contemplating the foraging exercise of birds hardcoded with sustainability, their spatial overlap resultant into service provision, which may imply, baseline incidence or an anticipated encounter equates to help system for ecological vigor.”

Animalstuffstore Oriental-Dollarbird_DSC1531_Nanhui_May-23-2023-1-630x480 The Oriental Dollarbird – 10,000 Birds Bird

I’m wondering if sooner or later, authors will embrace such garbled sentences of their papers to show that they weren’t written by generative AI …

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Lastly, the Oriental Dollarbird will get an attention-grabbing point out in an Indonesian paper – it performs type of a cameo function. Apparently, in lots of areas of Indonesia, songbird contests are continuously held. The paper examines the chicken species concerned in these chicken singing contests. Whereas 12 native and three international species had been recognized, the Oriental Greenback chicken was not certainly one of them.

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Nevertheless, whereas the Oriental Dollarbird was not used within the contest, it was out there for commerce. Apparently, among the many individuals concerned in these contests, the dollarbird is named a “grasp chicken” that’s used to coach different songbirds to imitate its tune. What makes dollarbird chicks notably appropriate as grasp birds is their distinctive, quick, and loud voice.

Animalstuffstore Oriental-Dollarbird_DSC1837_Nanhui_May-10-2023-1-630x496 The Oriental Dollarbird – 10,000 Birds Bird

In fact, if you don’t solely wish to watch photographs of Oriental Dollarbirds, you can too watch movies of Oriental Dollarbirds – although as a result of my restricted abilities in taking chicken movies, they don’t transfer round a lot in these movies. Consider them as zen movies and watch them here and here and here. All photographs and movies taken at Nanhui, Shanghai, this spring.

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