Trick Apply, With an Observer

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My human took me out on the again patio for some trick follow, and look who was strolling by simply as we got here by the door?

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Sure, it was the peach kitty! As a result of it’s been raining, I haven’t been out a lot and haven’t seen him. My human has seen him on the safety cam sometimes, and as soon as when she was exterior with the trash. However the climate stored me from seeing any of him for a month or so.

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He even gave me a sluggish blink. A number of, actually. My human is aware of he was doing it for me as a result of she took video and will see his eyes have been targeted in my route, not up at her.

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My human simply had me bounce up on the brick planters for trick follow anyway. She figured the distraction could be one other aspect of my coaching. As a result of yeah, he was just a little bit distracting.

Animalstuffstore Summer041123cIMG_4398 Trick Apply, With an Observer Cat

I did a number of tips though I knew he was again there, observing. He even got here again up on the patio and relaxed, like I used to be giving a present or one thing.

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Generally I’m wondering what he’s considering. It should look unusual to him, a cat on a leash, doing tips with a human for treats. When he nonetheless gained’t even come close to my human. Though he’ll come as much as about 6 or 10 toes away. My human wound up giving me treats to distract me after which throwing just a few his method whereas I used to be consuming them.

I feel he must be doing tips too.

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