Who’s That on My Desk?

Animalstuffstore SummerFB062223aIMG_6445 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

My human noticed one thing that she needed to present me, so she picked me up and opened up the entrance door’s speakeasy window so I might look out and see too. There was someone on my concrete desk…and it wasn’t the peach kitty!

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It’s his sister! As you’ll be able to see, she is a tortie. She is not going to come near my human, and I virtually by no means see her after I’m exterior.

Animalstuffstore Summer062223bIMG_6445 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

However she appeared fairly comfy right here on the desk, although she knew we had been taking a look at her.

Animalstuffstore TortieGirl062223bIMG_6447 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

See what I imply? After some time, my human determined to place the harness and leash on me and take me out, although she knew she was going to run away.

Animalstuffstore Summer062223cIMG_6473 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

Primarily, she needed to provide me an opportunity to smell the desk and add my very own scent if I needed to. As you’ll be able to see, I used to be slightly put out that the tortie woman had frolicked on my desk.

Animalstuffstore Summer062223dIMG_6458 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

I made a decision to simply accept some treats as compensation for her trespassing, and I used to be fairly glad about that.

Animalstuffstore PeachKitty062223aIMG_6476 Who's That on My Desk? Cat

In case you might be questioning, the peach kitty did present up a short while later.

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