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World Ocean Day is a vital day to be acknowledged world wide. However, for Georgia Aquarium, it’s greater than simply at some point – it’s an ongoing motion to alter the way in which we look after our ocean and the animals that decision it house.

However how a lot do we actually find out about our ocean? Over 70 % of our planet is roofed in water, however greater than 80 % of the ocean has by no means been mapped, explored, and even seen by people. The information we’ve got collected solely reveals us a small glimpse into the huge fantastic thing about the ocean’s depths.

What’s for sure, is that our ocean gives for our planet in a manner that’s unmatched – right down to the air we breathe. Listed here are some quick details about what our ocean does for our life on Earth:

  • Not less than half of the planet’s oxygen comes from the ocean
  • A lot of our oxygen is from the photosynthesis of plankton (drifting vegetation, algae, and micro organism)
  • Coral reefs help greater than 25 % of all marine life however solely make-up just one % of the ocean flooring. Sadly, threats resembling rising water temperature and air pollution are more and more jeopardizing the survival of our coral reefs
  • With out coral reefs, over a fourth of the ocean’s marine life can be in peril


The extra we study our ocean, the extra we uncover how a lot we want it. World Ocean Day could solely be at some point, however the ocean wants our assist daily. Listed here are some methods you’ll be able to assist:

  • Restrict single-use plastics like straws
  • Use coral-safe sunscreen
  • Cut back, reuse, and recycle as a lot and as usually as you’ll be able to
  • Take part in group cleanups
  • Shop sustainable seafood


Georgia Aquarium’s mission is to guard and protect our ocean by placing ideas and concepts into motion and spreading consciousness by training. Whereas our efforts span the globe, we are able to begin engaging in these objectives proper right here at house. By bringing folks up near aquatic animals, immersing them in ocean ecosystems, whereas additionally conducting groundbreaking world analysis. 

Be a part of us in recognizing World Ocean Day and take a look at our social channels for extra inspiring content material. Use the hashtag #WorldOceanDay to unfold consciousness for our ocean.

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