Yard Portraits

Animalstuffstore Summer102922aDSC03101 Yard Portraits Cat

I acquired to spend a while outdoors within the yard. At first my human was going to assist me discover my kitty buddies for some treats. However our neighbor was doing one thing actually noisy the place they often hang around. We knew they wouldn’t be there at the moment, so she took me to the yard as an alternative. She wound up getting some very nice portraits of me, and I’m sharing them with you at the moment. No hidden feedback on these, as the pictures converse for themselves.

Animalstuffstore Summer102922bDSC03063 Yard Portraits Cat
Animalstuffstore Summer102922cDSC03060 Yard Portraits Cat
Animalstuffstore Summer102922dDSC03074 Yard Portraits Cat
Animalstuffstore Summer102922eDSC03138 Yard Portraits Cat

Did you’ve got a favourite? If you happen to did, let me know within the feedback. And in case you are questioning, not one of the kitties got here out to go to.

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